Dingdong shares his dreams for Maria Letizia.

Dingdong Dantes talks about fatherhood..

DD : The Best way to teach a person is to live it yourself . So what ever she sees sa amin she copies di ba? Kung nakikita nya how we are towards people most probably ganun din ang gagawin niya.

So we make it a point to always lead her to the right Example and siyempre. Wake up call din sa amin ‘ yun , because magiging conscious kami Parati, na dapat parati ang pinapakita kay Zia ay kung ano yung tama. And in that process, we also remind ourselves na, ganito naman talaga dapat.

Di ba? Let’s go back to the basic , let’s go back to our values , because if this are clear, Hindi tayo maliligaw

KSQ : what has changed about fatherhood from your dad’s time, up to today?


DD : there are so many different challenges already. One would be the level of communication. Siguro, noong mga unang panahon, mayroong clear distinction ng parent and child. Na siyempre .

Iba, yung manner of speaking to the parents, iba yung topics, limited yung questions, limited yung answers because yung exposure ng bata ay limited din, but now you can easily access anything by your finger tips .

And then once you see something or encounter something that’s interesting. You question. And therefore lalawak at lalawak ang understanding , so yung level ng discourse ng napaguusapan ngayon. Mas umaangat na. Nacha- challenge mo ‘ yung parents mo ngayon. And at the same time. , for a parent, while teaching your son or daughter natututo ka rin

KSQ : So this freedom affects a father’s relationship with his child?

DD : Well, it’s how you use it. You have to use it in the right manner So, for example . If you see na may interest siya sa books expose her to good books. If you see that she’s into sport . Expose her to different kinds of sport .


KSQ : And we do have more power to
do that Now..

DD : Collaborative na ngayon, Hindi na masyadong structured. ” Yung process of learning . sabay, while the child is learning the parents is too whereas before, it was given that parents know better.

KSQ : What do you hope to see in Zia’s future?

DD : I want to see her helping people i want to see how compassionate she is. I want to see how much she love’s her family , how much she respects humanity.. And how she embraces her gift.

Regardless of what that is. Sa tingin ko naman para sa amin, the task is to show her options, guide her to the proper options, and then support her and back her up a hundred percent.


KSQ : That’s a fairly liberal approach to parenting.

DD : Filtered na ‘ yun , shempre kumbaga paiiralin muna namin ‘ yung common sense , and offer to her what we think is best.

Pero maraming options. Hindi Lang siya sobrang limited . na ito lang ang gagawin mo, ito ka.