Dingdong expressing his love for Marian thru Korean love sign.

Has Dingdong Dantes been Koreanized?

A look into a photo shared by Dingdong Dantes on his IG stories shows the pretty face of his wife Marian and Dong’s hand.

To a non-K pop follower, it seems like Dingdong’s hand is caressing Marian’s face or probably finding an angle for a good shot.

But if you’re familiar with the hand sign popularized by Korean celebrities, Dingdong gesture of crossing the thumb and index finger creates a “finger heart”.


In Korea, the ‘finger heart’ is indicative of sending someone your love. It is like saying “Saranghae’ or ‘I love you’. K-pop culture has a big following in the Philippines especially the millenials. Pinoy netizens can’t help but be kilig at the sweet and loving gesture of Dingdong for Marian.

So, has Dingdong Dantes been Koreanized? Well, it comes as no surprise that he is updated with the K-pop culture. He is a youth advocate and it is good to know that he is keeping abreast with the trends and adapting to the language and interests of the young.


Here’s some DongYan-Korea trivia:

1. In 2009, Dingdong starred in the Filipino adaptation of the Korean teleserye Stairway to Heaven. For Dingdong’s portrayal of Cholo, he won his first Star Awards Best Actor trophy in a TV series and a nomination in the best actor category in th Asian TV Awards.

2. In 2013, Marian starred in the the Filipino adaptation of the Korean teleserye Temptation of Wife. For Marian’s portrayal of Angeline, she earned a nomination in the best actress category in the Asian TV Awards.

3. In 2010, DongYan made their first Korean teleserye. They portrayed the roles of Johnny and Jenny in Endless Love.

4. In 2015, DongYan spent their first Holy Week as husband and wife in Korea.

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