Maria Letizia refuses to sleep without her Mommy Marian!

Baby Maria Letizia refuses to sleep without her Mommy Marian!

We all laughed when we asked the GMA Primetime
Queen on what is her cut-off from taping, which she jokingly answered, 6:00 PM.

“We are going to fix my schedule, because Zia, it is very easy to leave her from morning until the afternoon, because she sleeps really long. But at night, she does not sleep until she sees me, she always looks for me.”

“She usually sleeps, around 8:00 PM to 9:00 PM. My schedule is probably going to be the hardest part, and I want the location to be just close. At least my talk show is just in the studio.”


Since she is breastfeeding, how is Baby Zia’s milk?

“Before I leave, I already pump my milk, it is not a problem because I have a lot of milk, because I eat malunggay everyday. You can also freeze mother’s milk for up to three months, you just have to put the date in the bottle because it also spoils.”

“When I leave, especially on Sundays, Dong takes care of Zia, he is just needs to defrost the milk. He knows how to change diapers, he also gives our baby a bath.”

How about Dingdong, does she not disregard him, not like before where they always go on dates?

“Of course, I won’t disregard my husband. Dong and I are transparent, if we want something, we tell it. Like, what you said, dinner date, that still happens. I just call my Mom or Dong’s Mom, they will take care of Zia while we’re gone, it’s only going to be three hours of dinner and bonding anyways.”