Marian on set of the good teacher.

Primetime Marian Rivera-Dantes is spotted on the set of her new teleserye, this time. She has straight hair, contrary to her other get up as a teacher where she has curly hair.

As reported earlier, Marian will pray a teacher who has super powers and will fight supernatural beings.

Many are excited to see her new superhero costume, they say is a far cry from her Darna costume.


Marian was spotted wearing a black and blue top, black jeans  and a black boots.

Aiai delas alas was also spotted on location, but we can’t find any photo.

We don’t know yet if she will be a guest or will be part of the cast.

It’s been 8 years since the last time play a superhero, the last one was Darna back in 2008. Many fans are excited  to see her play and breath to life a new superhero character.