Marian arranged beautiful preserved blooms for Maine!

Marian arranged beautiful preserved blooms for Maine!

Earlier this week, dubsmash Queen Maine Mendoza texted Primetime Queen Marian Rivera to order a flower.

Marian texted her back that she will just give it to her as a gift and ask her what she wants, Maine replied anything yellow.

Marian and Maine are both under Mr. Tuviera’s artist management, Triple A. Their manager is Rams David.


Yesterday Maine posted via IG stories a beautiful yellow roses arangement in a glass dome.

She said ‘Thank you’ and tagged Marian’s Instagram account and Flora Vida’s instagram account.


in a recent interview Marian talked about her close friendship with Maine. That they talk with eachother almost everyday.

She also said she sees herself in Maine, because Maine is such a genuine person as well. And they speak the same ‘language’.

Many fans are hoping that they will get to work with eachother. As both of them are also very good in comedy, many fans is requesting for a sitcom for Marian and Maine.