Dingdong and Zia’s sweet outtakes!

Daddy and Baby tandem Dingdong Dantes and Maria Letizia Dantes is the cover of Esquire Magazine for their Father’s Day special and here are the outtakes of their photoshoot for the Magazine.

Daddy and zia by TeamDantes

Dingdong also shared his thoughts on Fatherhood. He said to be a good father, you must fully appreciate being a son, and you must fully understand your wife fully commit to a life that is greater than yourself.


And when asked what he learned from his father, Dingdong said his dad taught h to respect humanity and respect the rules and his father tagjt him to value education and how to value women.


And when asked what he wants for Maria Letizia he said, “I want to see her helping people. I want to see how compassionate she is, I want to see how much she loves her family, I want to see how much she respects humanity, I want to see how she embraces her gift, regardless of what that is.”


You can still grab a copy of Esquire Magazine. Photo by Joseph Pascual.