Baby Zia’s funny response to her Mama’s question.

Watch Baby Zia’s adorable and funny response to Mommy Marian!

Time flies, and Baby Maria Letizia is growing up so fast.

But her adorable videos is timeless, her funny antics at such a young age will surely make you smile.

We can’t get enough of this cute video posted by her Ninang Ana 6 months ago. Zia is almost a year old in this video.. Mommy Marian asked Baby Zia “Sino lab mama? Zia diba?”

And Baby Zia response with “hmmmm… Aaaaaahhhhh!!”

Zia's funny response to Zia. by TeamDantes

Her Mama and Ninang can’t help but to laugh out loud.

Now Baby Zia is One year and 7 months old, and she gets more and more adorable and beautiful everyday.

Here she is at a birthday party yesterday, wearing a off-shoulder white dress.


Meanwhile her Mama, will start taping for. ‘The Good Teacher’ soon. Marian’s first fantaserye in 8 years.