Can Baby Zia pronounce her Mom and Dad’s name?

Can Baby Zia pronounce her Mom and Dad’s name?

Daddy Dingdong Dantes shares a cute moment between Marian and Baby Maria Letizia..

The Dantes Family travelled to Greece last month, and while walking in the beach Mama Marian asked Baby zia a couple of questions.

Zia while munching on her Greek bread..

Marian: Can you say dingdong?
Zia: Dingdong.
How about dantes?
Zia: Dad.
Marian: Not dad, Dantes..
Zia: Dantes.
Good job!
How about Marian?

Our princess is too busy munching her bread, not listening to her Mama, instead of saying ‘Marian’ she said ‘Dad’. Her Daddy Dingdong’s laugh is priceless.

At One year and six months Baby zia has travel so many countries already.

The first country she travelled was The United state when she was just 10 months old, then Bali Indonesia, followed by Japan.

They recently travelled to Greece, Italy to attend a wedding of her Mama’s friend and Spain to visit her Grand father.

And then the latest is the united state again, she’s been in the US twice before she even turned two years old.

Baby Zia is our little traveller baby indeed.