What melts Mama Marian’s heart?

What melts Mama Marian’s heart?

To mass-cascade their exception and efficacy, advertisers of baby, kid and family-oriented brans are using the offspring as endorsers of first-time mom actress as Nate Alcasid, son of Regine Velasquez-Alcasid; Zion Gutierrez, firstborn of Sarar Lahbati; and Pele IƱigo Escueta, son of Jolina Magdangal-Escueta.

But they are all boys, naturally inherting their parent’s good looks and acting genius.

The exception is Letizia Dantes, endearingly nicknamed as “Zia,” Marian Rivera-Dantes and husband Dingdong Dantes’ firstborn, who stakes her claim for supremacy as endorsers on national TV with her mom.


Marian maintains an active entertainment career, presently leading SUnday PinaSaya over GMA7 with super comedian Ai-Ai De Las Alas, superstar heartthrob Alden Richards, premium comedians Jose Manalo, Wally Bayola. She is also a higu-demand ambassador engaged in people-oriented advocacies.

Now a year old, Marian continues the hard-task of breastfeeding Zia to make her a healthy and intelligent baby.

The type of mom who will go all out to give her kid the best opportunities, certainly the high standard of a Moms and Kids mother, she talks about motherhood and Baby Zia.

“I can go on talking about my babies (adding Dingdong as one of her ‘babies’),” Marian replies when asked what she can share about her mothering journey.

Documented daily on her instagram account. “To hear Zia call me ‘mommy’ makes my heart melt,” she shares her priceless joy.


“it’s a tough balancing act, but with a supportive husband like Dingdong, everything becomes easier. He understands that my focus now is more on Zia,” she describes when asked how she balances her multiple roles as actress, wife and mother.