DongYan ALS Ice Bucket Challenge!

Challenge accepted!

3 years ago Primetime Couple Dingdong Dantes and Marian Rivera-Dantes accepted the ALS Ice bucket challenge from Julie Anne San Jose.

A huge bucket of water full of ice was dumped to Dingdong and Marian by their friends.

“Challenge accepted! Donation done. I hope that the ultimate purpose of this campaign will reach its goal.” Dingdong captioned the post.

They challenge Huge Jackman, Bam Aquino, Rodjun Cruz, Anna Feleo and Roxanne Barcelo.

Marian can’t help but to shiver and scream because of the super cold water.


Marian will soon return to primetime with her new primetime fantaserye ‘The Good Teacher.’ It was reported that Marian will have 2 leading men for the show.

Marian’s saturday afternoon show ‘Tadhana’ is number 1 on it timeslot.

Meanwhile, it was also reported that Dingdong will do a movie with Viva Films this year.