Ask DongYan Part 1.

The Dantes Family is the new endorser of San Marino Corned Tuna, Dingdong and Marian were the endorsers of San Marino back in 2010, and this time they are back endorsing San Marino with their little one, Maria Letizia.

After releasing the TV Commercial of the Dantes family, San Marino posted a Question and Answer video of Dingdong and Marian with some behind the scene clips.

Some of their answers will surely make you laugh, and here is the translation for foreign fans.


When is Zia allowed to receive suitors?

MGD: Anytime hahaha (in a joking manner).
DD : Let’s talk about that later at home

Play or sleep with Zia?

DD: Play.
MGD: Both.

Mama’s girl or Papa’s girl?

MGD: Mama’s girl.
DD: Mama’s.

Zia in showbiz?

MGD : No.
DD: Not yet.

Sing or dance with Zia?

DD: Sing.
MGD: Both. I will teach her how to sing. I am
a good singer.

Who is the stricter parent:


Parenthood is …

DD: The best job in the world.
MGD: Priceless.

Home-cooked meal or dine out?

MGD: home-cooked meal
DD: Home-cooked meal ..of course.

I want to be healthy because …

MGD: I want to have many children so I have to be healthy.

San Marino is …

MGD: True love

DD: Love

DD: If there are many Zias, there’s so much love.

MGD: Oh, that’s what you call so true, true love.

Watch the video below..