Dantes Family Father’s Day Celebration.

Today is Father’s Day, Marian and Maria Letizia started their celebration by a simple lunch date with Daddy Dingdong.

this is the second year of Dingdong celebrating the most fullfilling job in the world, being a Dad.

Marian always express her  gratitude to Dingdong for being a supportive husband.

Masuwerte ako na supportive ang asawa ko, mula ng magbuntis ako, manganak ako, hanggang ngayon.” says Marian.

Dong posted a photo of their lunch with the caption, “Thank you for the lunch date.”


Dingdong posted another photo, looks like Baby Zia spotted something she want in the table..


Meanwhile, Marian greeted her Papa on Instagram, “Feliz día del Padre Papa.. Te Amo!”


Happy Father’s Day to all the Dads out there, and to all single Moms, Happy Father’s Day as well.