This is the new Marian..

This is the new Marian: A Mommy who can’t wait to wash of her make up, take off the fancy clothes and just cuddle with her Baby.

Marian admits when her shoot takes too long she cried, because she really wana see her baby.

“Minsan pag may shoot ako tapos gabi na, umiiyak na talaga ako. Gigil na gigil na ako makita ang anak ko, parang ‘dito ka na lamg ulit sa akin.'”

Sure, her new normal maybe a lot less more glamourous, but she declares there is nothing bout her pre-baby life that she misses.

“Wala na parang lahat naranasan ko na lahat. nakapag pa sexy na ako, nagawa ko na ito. Ok na ako happy na ako dun.(nothing, i experience them all, i’m ok and happy with it.) she says.

“The mere fact na nag ‘I DO’ ako kay Dong alam ko magbabago ang buhay ko at tatangapin ko lahat yun. Nung nabuntis ako, alam ko pag labas ni Zia ibang mundo na naman. At atleast hindi ako na stuck sa level 1, level 2 at lever 3. At alam ko mas madami pa siempre madami ang gusto kong anak. (The mere fact that i said ‘I DO’ to Song i know my life will change, i embrace the changes. When i got pregnant, i know when Zia arrived it’s going to be a different world. At least i’m not stuck in level 1, 2, 3. I want to have many kids.”

Just how many is ‘Madami’? A brood of four to five kids, at one and half to 2 years old apart. And whatever is the gender of the Baby God will bless them will be fine.

“Kung ano ang ibigay ni Lord sa amin, pero siempre, gusto ko na medyo malaki na si Zia para maging ate siya.”


She expresses that her dream for her family is simple, when sge gets old she want’s to see her children and raise them well with her husband.

“Gusto ko lang pag tanda ko makita ko yung mga anak ko at masabi, “Hay napalaki ko sila ng maayos, kasama yung asawa ko.”

Source: Working Mom Magazine