Dingdong and Marian’s kilig banter at eachother!

Celebrity couple Dingdong Dantes and Marian Rivera-Dantes exchange sweet banters during their show in Carson for the celebration of 119th Independence Day of the Philippines.

Alam niyo bihira ko lang to makasama sa stage, na miss ko talaga siyang kasama kasi palagi siyang busy.. marami siyang ginagawa.. buti nabigyan kami ng pagkakataon maka baksyon kahit papano dito. (You know we barely share the stage together, i really miss being with her on stage. She’s always busy, it’s nice that we are given this opportunity to have a vacation.)

Marian: Hindi po ako busy nag seselos lang siya kasi puro ako anak. (No i’m not busy, he’s just jealous.)

Dingdong jokes..

Dingdong:Ganun ba talaga yun? Kinakalimutan na ang mga asawa! (Is it always like that? They are forgetting their husbands!)

Marian: Wag ka mag alala pag laki ng anak natin, i’m all yours. Diba? Ganun talaga pag maliit binibigay lahat ng atensyon, pag lumaki ganyan na ako sayo. (Don’t worry when our baby grow up i’m all yours! Right? The baby will get all the attention.)

Dingdong:Oo naman siempre naman. Kaya wag na natin patagalin pa, gawin na natin yung gusto gusto natin gawin! (I agree, Ofcourse! So let’s wait mo more, let’s do what we always wanted to do..)

Marian laugh loud and says..

Marian: Double meaning!

Double meaning! by dongyanatics