D&G co-founder notices Marian and Zia.

D&G co-founder notices Marian and Zia

Steffano Gabbana, the co-founder of the luxury Italian fashion house, Dolce & Gabbana took notice of Kapuso Primetime Queen Marian Rivera and her daughter, Maria Letizia.

The Italian fashion designer re-posted the photo of Marian and Zia on his Instagram account.



Marian Rivera is known for her fashion trends and love for designer items.

Steffano Gabbana also confirmed the authenticity of Marian’s D&G shirt which started the buzz on social media.

There were issues about Marian wearing a fake D & G shirt.

Marian’s personal shopper, Aimee, shared a proof of purchase that proved it was a real D&G shirt.

Steffano also followerd Marian Rivera on Instagram. He also shared the twinning swimsuit of Marian and Zia amounting to $645 and $215.

The Italian designer also disclose Marian’s jacket amounting $1,504.


Gabbana also followed Marian’s personal shopper, Aimee Hashim, on Instagram.

Marian is one of the favorite sources of celebrity fashion creativity. She is also known for her distinct signature trends, in fact, she created an Instagram account of @marian_ootd that is dedicated for her OOTDs which has 190,000 followers to date.

Marian Rivera is a definitely a fashion girl who knows her designers. Name a designer and she probably has it.

Marian and Zia are no doubt the most stylish mother and daughter tandem in local showbiz at present.

Zia is always seen wearing mini versions of Marian’s outfits and Marian is loving it. Netizens are enjoying the compilation of mother – daughter twinning moments.

It is evident that Marian has an exquisite taste in fashion.

For more inspired OOTDs just follow Marian on Instagram.