Baby Zia adorable answer to her Mama’s Question.

Baby Zia adorable answer to her Mama’s Question.

Dingdong Dantes, Marian Rivera-Dantes and Maria Letizia Dantes is the family endorser of Johnson & Johnson’s baby lotions.

During the press launch of the product, Zia becomes the center of attention. She’s very bibo and she knows how to answer her Mama’s Quetions.

One of the Questions Mama Marian asked her was “Zia Are you ready?”, And Zia answers her Mama with “Yeah…” While playing with a bottle of Johnson & Johnson’s baby lotion.

Zia is so adorable here’s the video..

Baby zia's cute voice! by dongyanatics

Meanwhile, Marian share how doting of a grandma is her Mommy Amy to baby Zia,

She knows that her Mom is trying to be around this time that Marian is a mother. Marian was born in Spain and was brought to the Philippines at the age of 2 when her mother and Spanish father separated.

Her mother went to back to Spain and later in London to work. Marian was left in the care of her Lola Francisca in Cavite.

Marian shares, “Naiyak ako nung sinabi niya na, ‘hindi man ako nakapag-alaga sa ‘yo, makabawi man lang ako sa apo ko’”. (I cried when she said, ‘I may not able to take care of you, but at least I can make up for it through Zia by taking care of her).

So sweet!