Baby Zia’s Wittiness bacomes the center of attention.

Just like her celebrity parents Dingdong Dantes and Marian Rivera, Baby Zia got used to the lime light.

Zia’s wittiness and being Bibo becomes the center of attention.

Aubrey: Where is your nose?
Zia: *pointed to her nose.*
Marian: Where is your teeth?
Zia: *show and pointed her teeth.*
Marian: How about your arms?
Zia: *pointed to her arms.*
Marian: How about your tougue?
Zia: *showed her tougue*

Meanwhile, Marian will start taping for her new show this month for her comeback primetime show.

“I know it will be hard.. i know it will be hard to leave Zia home.

Then Zia hugged her Mama from behind as if she understand what her Mama was talking about.

Marian added she is now more picky on the project she will accept and doz

Baby Zia is so bibo! by dongyanatics

The Dantes Family will arrive later today from their 12 days US trip.

Marian’s schedule is expected to be full as she will also start taping for her new fantaserye.

Marian will play a teacher who has super powers to fight super natural entities.