Gilingan challenge with DongYan!

Gilingan challenge with DongYan!

Kapuso Primetime Royal Couple Dingdong Dantes and Marian Rivera-Dantes join thousands if filipinos in Veteran’s Park at Carson California to celebrate the 119th Philippine Independence Day.

Thousands of Filipinos gathered around the stage to watch Dingdong and Marian performed, They performed together ‘Ngiti’ and ‘Kahit Maputi na ang buhik ko.

After they performed Marian challenge Dingdong to dance, Dingdong says he will just follow Marian’s dance. Here’s their cute showdown.

DongYan sayawan challenge! by dongyanatics

After their Carson show, The Dantes Family went to Redondo Beach to watch the sunset.

Dingdong posted a photo on his Istagram account, he said..

“Mission accomplished, it’s time to go home. I am grateful for the task given and the opportunity to bond with family. Until next time, Cali! We’ll see you again when she is already able to request for some Disney.


Baby Zia was not able to watch the sunset as she fell asleep on his Daddy’s shoulder.

Have a safe trip back home Dantes Family.