Marian and Angel to star in a movie?

Marian and Angel to star in a movie?

Fans get excited and clamour for a Marian-Angel tandem on the big screen. They also played the role of the iconic Filipino superheroine,” Darna”.

Recently, Marian and Angel are together in an event and had short bonding backstage.

They’re posting a picture together on their social media accounts which prove that the level of their friendship is beyond showbiz.

Their pictures on the AVON event are viral and there are talks they will be having a coffee together but not for now because of their busy schedule.

Marian and Angel are endorsers of AVON Lipstick. There are no awkward moments between the two big stars during the event.

They are both happy with their respective lives and careers. There is no issue if they are in different networks.

But there will always be bashers who are always comparing the two saying Marian is more sexy compared to Angel even though Marian gave birth already.

For sure, it will not affect both of them and just focus on their friendship.

Marian Rivera and Angel Locsin also join forces on cover of Mega Magazine’s 25th Anniversary for Iconic Women. They are featured Manila’s 25 Most Iconic Women.

They look stunning on the said cover. It’s their second time to cover a magazine together.

The first one is their Rogue cover alongside with Anne Curtis, Judy Ann Santos, and Charlene Gonzales-Muhlach.

On her instagram account, Angel expresses her happiness over working with the Kapuso Primetime Queen.

They both hope to work together again in a different projects.

Will Marian and Angel project push through?

Let’s all find out!