Marian Rivera proud of Dingdong and Zia

Marian Rivera proud of Dingdong and Zia

Marian Rivera – Dantes is a proud mommy and wife to Dingdong and Zia. To celebrate Father’s day, Esquire Magazine covers Dingdong and Zia for the first time.

Dingdong and Zia’s cover is so adorable and netizens can’t help but to admire them. They even described Dingdong as debonair and hot daddy and Zia as a cute and “bungingis” baby. Zia can be seen as a happy child just like her Mom, Marian Rivera.

The photo of Dingdong and Zia got almost 500k likes and thousand of shares and comments in the official facebook page of Marian Rivera.

Marian Rivera said that she is lucky to have Dingdong and Zia by her side and thankful that God gave her such a blessing. The behind the scene photos of Marian while the photo shoot is ongoing showed how supportive she was to her husband and baby.

According to Marian, Zia is always game in every pose and loves the camera. Being a hands-on-mom to Zia, she is thankful that Zia is growing and healthy because of her breastfeeding.

Zia is now one year and 7 months old and continues to get milk from Marian.

To celebrated Father’s day Esquire Magazine’s issue tackles about Daddy’s roles and responsibilities in the light of changing times. What new challenges do fathers face in the age of social media? What does it mean to be a father today?

Read all these and more in the June 2017 issue of ESQUIRE: THIS ONE’S FOR THE DAD’S.