Marian will fulfill her promise to Aiai!

Marian Rivera-Dantes says she is happy to to be part of the wedding of Aiai delas Alas whom she fondly calls ‘Kambal (twin)’ (*Their ‘Kambal’ term for each other started when they made their 2013 movie Kung Fu Divas).

“Kambal plays a big part in my life and she is really close to my heart. When the Lord gave Aiai the chance to find a partner, she told me, ‘Kambal, if I get married, you will provide my wedding gown, okay?’.

To which I answered,

‘Oh yes. And when you have a baby, I will shoulder the tuition fee’. Kambal told me she can still have a baby. I will always be there for Kambal.”

Marian further shares,

“I see how they are behind the camera and I can say that Gerard is even more in love with Kambal. I am happy for Kambal. All her experiences, everything that happened in her life, she deserves to be happy”.

Marian Rivera and Aiai Delas Alas first work together in Kung Fu Divas, since then they became close friends and call eachother “Kambal.”

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Kung Fu Divas was also Marian’s first film with Star Cinema, she was also one of the producers. Aiai was also one of Marian’s brides maid on her wedding, and DongYan also made her one of Baby Zia’s Ninangs.

Marian and Aiai work together in Sunday Pinasaya, with Jose, Wally and many more.

Many fans wanted to see them in a sitcom together as both of them are very good in comedy. It will be hilarious for sure.

Aiai is currently in a sitcom ‘Hay Bahay’ with Bossing Vic Sotto, who is one of the wedding ninongs of DongYan.

It was reported earlier this year, that DongYan will do a soap together. Let’s hope it will get push through.