Dantes and Agoncillo families will find time for a get-together!

Netizens were happy to see showbiz couples Marian Rivera and Dingdong Dantes and Judy Ann Santos and Ryan Agoncillo together during the wedding of stylist Pam Quiñones in Puglia, Italy.

Marian shares their bonding moments with the Agoncillos, “We had fun. Judy Ann would sometimes hold our daughter Zia because she was missing Luna. We will try to find a common time that works for everyone and have a get-together so Zia and Luna can meet. It seems like Zia and Luna have the same personality.”

“They are such a nice couple. It’s good that we had the chance to at least get to know each other outside of showbiz,” Marian adds.

While they were in Italy, Judy Ann and Ryan would often tease Marian and her husband Dingdong, “Yes! Ryan and Juday told us that they will take care of Zia so Dong and I can have some private moments. Juday said ‘Okay, Dong and Yan, you can walk around, and let Zia stay with me. Do whatever you want’. I said ‘No, both of you should have the time together’”.

It was the first time for the four of them of be together for quite a long period of time. “We were in one village in Puglia. Almost everyday, every morning we bonded together. Years ago, the four of us were guests in a show held in the US. We never had this kind of bonding because we were there for work. In Italy, we were not there for work. I am happy that I was able to bond with them. I did not expect them to be such a a very down-to-earth couple. They’re so fun to be with.”

Is Marian open to the possibility of appearing with Judy Ann in a movie? Marian quickly answers, “Of course! If given the chance, why not? But I think I should have an extensive workshop because she is a very good actress.”