Video: Lolo Javi always tells Zia that they will buy ice cream.

Lolo Javi always tells Zia that they will buy ice cream.

Marian shared the reaction of her father Javier and daughter Zia when they saw each other for the first time, “I realized that ‘Lukso ng Dugo’ is true. (*Lukso ng Dugo means a feeling of emotional attachment to someone you have just met).

My daughter has not seen her grandfather but when they met, it was as if they have known each other for a long time. And my daughter is really a very sweet child. When you ask her, ‘what is the name of your Lolo?’, she would answer ‘Javi’. She knows her Lolo’s name. It was such a delight watching both of them. When the day came for us to leave (Spain), I could not hold back my tears when Papa said ‘I wonder how many years will it take for us to see each other again’. It’s a good thing there is FaceTime. My father is really kilig (thrilled) to be with Zia. She is his first grandchild.”

Marian asked her Father if Zia looks like her mom or dad. “My father could not decide. He said Zia looks like a ‘mix of me and Dong’ … then he would say (claim), maybe Zia looks like him.”

How did Zia and her grandfather bond in Spain?

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“When we went to Sevilla, we walked around and sometimes my father would carry Zia and play with her. My father’s strategy was to tell Zia that they will buy ice cream. My daughter likes ice cream. She has ‘cheat days’ when we’re abroad, but when we’re in Manila she is not able to have as much ice cream.

She is sometimes allowed to eat ice cream (it is hard to say no and deprive her of food that makes her happy) but Zia can’t have it everytime she wants to.”

Watch the video below..