Video compilation of Baby Zia’s dance moves!

Video compilation of Baby Zia’s dance moves!

Dingdong Dantes and Marian Rivera-Dantes have been invited to grace this year’s Philippine Independence Day celebration in California.

And whenever the Kapuso couple travels, they make sure that their only child Letizia is with them.

Baby Zia loves music, she love to dance just like her Mama. Whenever she hears music she will start dancing.

Her parents shared videos of Baby Zia grooving to music. And during their trip to Italy we get to see Zia’s awesome and most adorable dance moves.

Here’s a compilation of Baby Zia’s adorable dance moves.

Baby zia’s dance moves by dongyanatics

One of her Mama Marian’s title is The Dancing Queen, Marian is known to be a great dancer, and looks like Baby Zia is following her foot step.

Because she already love to dance at such a young age, and whenever she hears music she will groove to it.

Her Daddy Dong was part of a dance group when he was young as well. No wonder Baby Zia love to dance.