Read: Why DongYan can’t work at the same time.

Dingdong Dantes and Marian Rivera revealed that they have talked to GMA-7 management regarding their work load this year.

They want to make sure that their being a hands-on parents in raising their 17 months old daughter Baby Zia will not get affected by their work load.

Marian explained, “We talked with GMA to balance our schedule.”

“I will not let it happen that we are both not there ( for zia).”

“So if i’m not home, Dong should be home for our daughter.”

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Dingdong and Marian projects for GMA are finalized. It includes their return to Encantadia and new primetime shows.

this April, GMA’s Primetime Queen will go back to work.

“I’m very excited to return in Primetime, specially this new project, i miss doing this character.”

“I know it will be difficult for me to leave Zia home.”

Dingdong is also set to return in Encantadia. But he keeps his lips sealed about his next teleserye.

“Marian will go back to work, i will be incharge at home.”

Meanwhile, Marian did not give any details regarding her new teleserye. She said she is now more careful on picking projects for the sake of Baby Zia.

Marian said, “I want to be a role model for my daughter.”

“In everything we do, as her parents we want to be a good example for her.”

“How we love eachother, how we are in other people. We want her to grow up like that.”