What traits did Zia get from her parents?

What traits did Zia get from her parents?
During Marian’s guesting on Idol sa Kusina, she revealed some of Zia’s traits.

“I can see my personality in Zia, persistent but sweet. Playfully naughty, she inherited that trait from me”.

The Primetime Queen is certain of one behavioral trait that Zia got from her father, “Zia likes to read”.

Marian enjoys being with Zia and has noticed how fast her child has grown.

“So fast! I remember when she was still in my arms, now she’s running around and it can be tiring when chasing her.”

Marian laughingly shared.

Marian said she and husband Dingdong are firm in their decision to have another child.

“Yes, that’s true. It’s my dream to have four of five children so it’s about time fof Zia to have a sibling.

Marian mentioned that she and her husband Dingdong Dantes pray that after doing her new teleserye they will be bless with another child.

The Dantes Family is currently in California, they will be back June 12, and Marian will start taping for her new show.

Marian will play a teacher who has super powers. While Mama works Daddy will stay home to take care of Baby Zia.

Marian also requested that the location of her teleserye will be around metro manila only. So even though she’s at work, she is close by to Baby Zia.

Marian admitted she will have separation anxiety to Baby Zia once she gets back to work. Both of them will need to adjust.

Hopefully Baby Zia will get to visit Mama on set.