Video: Marian pranked by Wow Mali!

Video: Marian pranked by Wow Mali!

Here is a throwback thursday for you guys. This is an old video but still hella funny.

This was during a movie premiere, when Wow mali pretended to be an interviewer but speak gibberish. We can’t understand a word they say.

Watch how Marian handled the situation, she is truly awesome.

And here is a throwback thursday interview of DongYan.


In April 2008, Dingdong and Marian started taping for Dyesebel, which was again directed by Joyce Bernal. Although the two stars had started to get to know each other little by little, Marian still found Dingdong irksome. She was still holding a grudge from their last rumble and was looking for an opportunity to settle the score.

Marian: “Sobrang asar ko sa kanya. Nag-usap kami ni direk Joyce na aasarin ko siya.”

The actress and the director connived to play a practical joke on Dingdong–one that involved a regular household mouse!

Marian: “Nandidiri kasi siya sa daga–dagang maitim. Siguro, kahit sino naman, mandidiri. Gano’n siya. Kahit kayo, I’m sure. Ako kasi, wala, e. Wala akong pinandidirihan. Kahit ipis, daga–kahit ahas. Wala.”

Direk Joyce ordered Dyesebel’s art department to buy a real mouse. Since she wasn’t afraid of the creature, Marian was assigned to put the prank into play. She kept the black mouse out of sight. During one of their scenes, Dingdong was supposed to be lying down. When the right moment came, Marian dangled the vermin in front of her co-star.

Marian says Dingdong’s immediate reaction was to shout: “Waaah!”

Marian: “Tapos, binagsak ko pa iyong daga sa kung saan siya nakapuwesto. Pagkatapos no’n, hindi n’ya ako pinansin. Galit na galit siya sa ‘kin. ‘Huwag mo ‘kong lalapitan.!”

DD: “Sinabi ko iyon?”

Marian: “Oo, no! Do’n lang ako natakot. Simula no’n, ayoko nang magalit siya. Takot ako.

Although the silent treatment only went on for a couple of hours, Marian learned her lesson. She decided to cut the guy some slack.