Video: Marian’s sweet message to Dingdong for helping her achieved her dreams!

The couple Dingdong Dantes and Marian Rivera extend their vacation in japan with baby Zia. As we know they should be in Sunday Pinasaya last Sunday but they didnt show up. Why?

They have a reason why they extend their vacation. While vacationing Marian took a flower arrangement training with one of the best florist in Japan for her business.

It is posted on her instagram stories and her instagram post while she is in Japan learning flower arrangement. Marian’s flower shop business Flora Vida is unstoppable. If we understand Marian correctly, she herself will arrange the flowers and will put her own special touch to it. So it is indeed special.

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Not to mention, she will be using elegant and luxurious flowers!

In Kyoto, Japan Marian took Nicolai Bergmann classes, one of Japan’s top floral artist. It was once her hobby and now her business.

And there is no doubt that Dingdong support her wife’s new business.

Marian posted a photo with a caption “Thank you so much Mi Amor for enabling me to achieve my dreams.

Dingdong fully support Marian's flower shop! by dongyanatics