When the “Victimizer” is actually the victim.

By showbiz standards, Marian Rivera-Dantes has been living a relatively ‘quiet’ life since she got married to Dingdong Dantes and gave birth to her lovely daughter Zia.

But apparently not for long as gossip writer Arniel Serato of PEP had a ‘scoop’ regarding a snubbing incident and rift between Marian and co-Triple A artist Andrea Torres.

SOURCE. Guess where Serato obtained the information … from an email sender! Before, fans relied on showbiz writers for artista information. Now, it’s the other way around. Writers generally rely on the fan posts , emails and instagram to write a column. How convenient huh.

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UPDATE. A few hours after Serato’s ‘scoop’, PEP’s Erwin Santiago posted an article that all seems well for Marian and Andrea as both actresses were exchanging friendly messages on instagram.


And so, what now? Serato and email sender will be scot-free? Will PEP be more prudent next time to minimize potential harm to personalities?

Hopefully, Triple A will investigate the culprit in the spreading of the Marian-Andrea story.