Video: Baby Zia and Migo’s playtime!

Video: Baby Zia and Migo’s playtime!

Mama Marian and Daddy Dong posted a couple of photos of Baby Zia playing with her new friend, Migo.

Migo is a gift from her Daddy, he is also a golden retreiver just like fulgoso, her Mama’s pet dog in Marimar.

Zia is very fond of Migo, she likes animals that is why her first birthday party was farm animal theme.

She knows alot of animal sounds before she even turned one years old.


Awww si mariamar at pulgoso, este Si letiZia at aMigo pala! Hahahha ang sarap nilang pagmasdan…

Watch the adorable video below.

Other celebrities even reacted of Zia having a pet. And fans call Baby Zia “Little Marimar”.


Mama Marian shared every morning after Zia wakes up they will cuddle for 15 minutes, then they will go downstair and eat breakfast.

Then zia will playtime with Migo. Then after playing Zia will take a bath.