Marian Rivera manages her time for Dingdong and Zia

Whenever Marian Rivera feels tired or uneasy, she looks at Zia to feel better.

During Marian’s interview with PEP at the taping of Dear Uge, she said she didn’t have postpartum depression.

And that her husband Dingdong Dantes, is very supportive of her and regards the dedication she is giving to take good care of Zia.

She stated:
“Masaya akong nagbuntis. Ginusto kong magbuntis.”

But there is one thing that causes Marian a little stress….. The pants she is wearing before doesn’t fit her anymore.

“Medyo, hindi magkasya ang pants ko.”

But Dingdong easily calm her worries by going to the mall and buy pants. Indeed, Marian says that her husband is very supportive. She also stated that her “balakang” became bigger after giving birth.

Marian jokes that husband Dingdong becomes more obsess of her, that both Zia and Dong is lucky to have her, she said with a laugh.

Marian will be coming back to primetime soon, she is set to start taping for her new teleserye, last week they held a storycon for her new tv series.

Many big stars will be joining Marian including her Ninang Helen Sotto, who said she couldn’t say no to Marian when she asked her to join her in the show.

Marian will play a teacher who has super powers, It will also be Marian’s first fantaserye in 4 years.

Meanwhile, Dingdong will do the book 2 of Alyas Robinhood after Marian’s teleserye, they agreed not to work at the same time so one of them can take care of Baby Zia.

Source: PEP