Video: Marian Rivera and Dingdong Dantes have overcome jealousy!

So many changes happened to Marian Rivera-Dantes since she became a mom, “Many … particularly my points of view, my priorities, personality. I am now more patient,” Marian laughingly said.
When asked if she still gets jealous, Marian replied, “My being ‘jealous’ is just a part of my joking attitude. I think it’s the other way around … my husband is the more jealous one … now, he has no reason to be jealous, unless he gets jealous with Boobay.”
Is jealousy still an issue now that they are married?

‘Truth is, I hate the term selos (jealous). I am fed up with that term because all my life, I’ve been associated with that term. But I know that in my life now, there is no jealousy. We are now married. We have a child. He comes home to me. He would do everything for us. What more do I want? He gives everything.

So no more jealousy issues. Those who continue to speculate and make intrigues, let them be …I couldn’t care less,” Marian said

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Marian Rivera says she and husband Dingdong… by dongyanatics