Marian on Baby Zia: “It seems like my daughter is smart too, just like her daddy.”

Now that Marian Rivera is used to her real-life role as a mom to Baby Zia, the Kapuso actress believes she can juggle motherhood and showbiz career.

Marian is set to make a primetime comeback this year.

In an interview with (Philippine Entertainment Portal) while taping for Dear Uge in Antipolo City, the wife of Dingdong Dantes said, “It’s hard, very hard at first.

“But now that I’m used to it, I know how to balance it now.

“It was really hard at first.
“My husband would say, ‘Hello, I’m here.’
“Of course, I’m obsessed with my daughter. It’s already night time and I’m still there.
“I’m just really in love with my daughter.”

Her peg is “superwoman.”
She elaborated, “Mother, wife, actress, businesswoman, I feel like a superwoman ever since I gave birth.

“Getting pregnant and giving birth is not a joke.”

Zia is already one year old and three months, has she shown any trait that the baby got from her?

“She’s got a very good sense of humor. Very playful.”

“She’s very active, If you take your eyes off her even for just a second, she’s everywhere. And she’s very bubbly like me, she’s a happy kid.”

What trait did she inherit from Dingdong?

“The eyes, and she loves to read books just like her dad. It seems like she’s very smart just like her dad.”

“She also love to sing and dance, she’ very sweet. If she wants something, she will hug you and kiss you. If you don’t give it ti her she will say, ‘Mama, Mama…”

Source: PEP