When will DongYan be in the primetime block simultaneously?

When will DongYan be in the primetime block simultaneously?

Marian Rivera-Dantes will start taping for her new primetime series in March.

The GMA Primetime Queen says, “I am excited. I’ve been away for so long. When GMA talked to me, it was only then that I realized it’s been almost two years since my last primetime show.”

“I’m excited to do this for myself. When you’ve given birth, there are so many changes… the sense of fulfillment, I need that for myself and my husband has been very supportive.””

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Now that Alyas Robin Hood will end on February 24, it will be Dingdong’s turn to take care of Zia.

Marian explains, “Yes, and it’s my turn to do a primetime show. As I’ve said, I don’t want to leave my child in the care of a nanny. Dong and I agree that we should not be do shows simultaneously. So we take turns.”

When will be the time that they can do a series at the same time?

“When Zia is able to complain or tell us what happened while we were away… that’s the time we can do a series together. For now, it’s either me or Dong who attends to Zia. ”

In cases where both of us have to briefly attend to something important, my mom or Dong’s mom comes over to our house to be with Zia.” Marian states.