Marian is having separation anxiety as she returns to primetive tv.

Marian is finally set to start taping for her new GMA Primetime show. And she already feels the separation anxiety.

“To be honest, I already have separation anxiety. Even now, I already feel unhappy.

“Like I’ve said, I’m not used to being away from my daughter anymore. Mr. Tuviera (Marian’s manager) and I have talked about it, and he told me, ‘Hija there are really times where you have to withstand something. But the does not mean you will have to do it forever’.

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“Like this show, I will not do this forever. So, I will do this for myself, of course for my daughter’s future, and for those who love me, who already miss seeing me on TV.

“After this, I can go back in taking care of Zia if I want to. Besides, GMA is very nice to me, and we already talked about what are needed to be done, and on what time I have to be home.”