When will Marian agree to leave Baby Zia with her Babysitter?

When will Marian agree to leave Baby Zia with her Babysitter?

Baby Zia is already one year and three months old, but the Kapuso Primetime Queen and very hands-on mom Marian Rivera admits that it is still hard for her to leave her daughter whenever she is needs to go work or needs to attend to some other commitments.

Besides that her daughter is still breast-fed, she now also knows how to run after her parents whenever she sees them leaving the house.

The actress mentioned in a press conference last Wednesday, “She was running after me, and said ‘Mama!’ She is just like me.”

Since she is a very hands-on mom, though they have helpers, Marian still prefers either her mom or mother-in-law to watch over her daughter with the Kapuso Primetime King Dingdong Dantes.

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She and Dingdong also is not willing to work extra hours so that one of them will be home to be with Zia.

“We have a helper, but just to help us out. Like ‘get this,’ or ‘watch her’. It’s really me and Dong, or his mom or my mom,” she said.

Because of her being very protective, a lot of people are wondering: When will Marian ever agree to leave Baby Zia with her babysitter?

The actress answered,” When she can already tell what’s happening around her. That is when I can leave her with her sitter.”

“For now not yet, until she is not capable of saying what is happening around her,” she explained.

Marian is currently getting ready for her Primetime comeback after almost two years.

According to the Kapuso Primetime Queen, “They offered me lots of different concepts, but this is what I liked the most. I said, “Oh, any age group will like this. And I missed doing this.”