Lola Inkang to Zia “You look like your Mom!”

Zia and her great-grandmother!

Dingdong and Marian aren’t the only ones who are crazy about Zia.

Marian said that even her maternal grandmother, Francisca Rivera, visits Zia as often as she can: “All she says is, ‘You look like your mommy, you look like your mommy ’

I’d tell her, ‘No, half of the features are from me and half from Dong.’

‘No, I took care of you, your daughter looks like you.’ She really insists that Zia looks like me.

I’m happy seeing their eagerness towards Zia. If only they can visit us everyday (coming from Cavite)…they would .. just to see my daughter.” (excerpt from yes magazine)

Watch Baby zia learn to play the piano with her Grand Mother and Great Grand Mother below…

Baby Zia playing piano! by dongyanatics