DongYan share behind the scene story of their first family tvc!

Dingdong, Marian, and Baby Zia Dantes will be seen together on TV on January 15, 2017, Sunday.

The celebrity couple will shine in a new TV commercial for JOHNSON’S®, where they are seen bonding together over bath and playtime with their super adorable one-year-old Zia.

Marian shares that she and Dingdong had a lot of fun with Zia during the shoot even if she felt a bit reserved at first. “I admit that I am really overprotective with Zia. I want her to be always clean,comfortable, no scratches and always happy. Sometimes I get worried when is so active or playful with her daddy. But during the shoot, I saw how happy she was while playing with Dong and realized that I should not be worried because my daughter is alagang-Johnsons (protected by Johnson’s).

Dingdong says, “I’m really glad to be doing this project with my wife and daughter. I’m so proud to see Zia being so natural in front of the camera, we were just like playing at home. I am happy whenever I see her active, playful, and always smiling. You know that she’s growing up confident and not afraid to face the world. I know Marian sometimes panics when ZIa is always crawling or running, but I know that our child will be okay especially with her skin that’s so strong and healthy.”

Marian and Zia were first introduced as the new faces of JOHNSON’S® Milk+Oats™ in 2016, when the actress revealed that she’s been an avid user of JOHNSON’S® products ever since she was young. Marian says she wants Zia to follow in her steps—to keep her skin smooth and nourished all the time.

This year, Dingdong joins them as they rally behind the brand’s advocacy to ensure the happy and healthy development of babies with JOHNSON’S® Milk+Oats™ bath and lotion, and JOHNSON’S® Milk+Rice™ bath and lotion, which are available nationwide.

source: gma