Baby Zia is very friendly according to Daddy Dong!

Dingdong is very proud of every chapter of Baby Zia’s progress as she grows up.

Baby Zia has the full support of her parents. They make sure that they will be there for ZIa to guide her behavior.

Baby Zia has now become more makulit (playful-jolly-naughty but cute).

She is very observant and charming in play school and still very obedient to her Mommy Marian. Zia also likes music.

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Dingdong shared,”I noticed that she is friendly .. when there are many people around her, she communicates with them .. waves to them.”

Marian and Zia are the reasons why Dingdong is inspired to work in the tv series Alyas Robin Hood. This week, the viewers will be treated to more action scenes.

“There will be action … comedy will always be present, and of course drama also,” Dingdong said.