Daddy Dong’s reaction to Mommy Yan and Zia’s Twinning!

Dingdong, Marian and Zia Dantes : a picture of one happy family

The Dantes couple celebrated their second wedding anniversary in Bali, Indonesia.

Photos shared show the family had fun and enjoyed swimming …

Dong and Yan being so sweet…. an oh so cute Baby Zia in her pink bathing suit .. and the fashionably beautiful mother-daughter pair in their twinning outfits.

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“They (Marian and Zia) really look good together.” Daddy Dong said.

He added, “Everytime I take their pictures, it’s so beautiful to look at them wearing matching outfits.”

“It’s really like mother, like daughter … aside from being a fashionista, it would be much better if she gets the trait of being a good person,” Dingdong said.