Rams David responds to false tabloid rumor about Marian!

Rams David responds to false tabloid rumor about Marian.

It was a delight for fans and netizens to see Marian Rivera-Dantes and daughter Zia at the set of husband Dingdong Dantes’s Alyas Robinhood.

However, tabloids were also quick to run a story via blind items (in obvious reference to Marian) that Marian was jealous of Andrea Torres so she went to the set to confront Dingdong’s co-worker.

Rams David,Triple A Management President refutes the rumor. After all, he should know because he is close to both actresses.

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Triple A manages the careers of Marian and Andrea. According to Rams : The blind items/rumors are not true.

No “sugod-confrontation happened. There is nothing to fight about. Marian and Andrea are not enemies.

In another interview, Andrea Torres also said that the rumor is not true. She was not even at the set of ARH during Marian and Zia’s visit because she had a late call time. Andrea stated that she holds a high regard for Dingdong and Marian.