Video: Baby Zia’s Birthday Song “Happy Birthday Letizia!”

Video: Baby Zia’s Birthday Song “Happy Birthday Letizia!”

Here’s a mini music video for our Princess’ 1st birthday!

To our Dearest Maria Letizia,

November 23 is a red-letter day for us DongYan fans. We will always remember the day we heard the wonderful news of your arrival.

On that day, you brought so much happiness to so many people. A year later, you continue to bring a smile on our faces whenever we see your photos and videos.

Thank you Zia. You are truly a gift from God. Your parents are really blessed to have you. We love you and we will always pray for you and your parents.

Have a one-derful celebration. Happy first birthday Zia!

Letizially yours,

Watch the video below!

Video: Baby Zia's Birthday Song "Happy Birthday… by dongyanatics

We love you Baby Zia!