Marian’s home christmas decorating ideas for Baby Zia!

Marian’s home decorating ideas for Christmas!

One month after Baby Zia’s first birthday party, the Dantes family will celebrate their second Christmas as a family.

Marian and Dingdong are starting to make their Christmas plans. Marian will soon put up the Christmas decorations in their home. And this year, Baby Zia’s preferences are taken into consideration for their Christmas decor theme.

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“She’s fond of animals. She knows many animal sounds, so most likely, our theme for this Christmas will be about animals,” Marian said.

One of the antics of Baby Zia that amused so many netizens and fans of the Dantes family is her version of the “rat face”. Videos of Baby Z showing her “rat face” were shared by the Dantes couple and their friends.

Source: PEP