Angelica apologizes to Dingdong and Marian

Angelica said sorry to Mr. and Mrs. Dantes

Angelica Panganiban revealed that she recently apologized to couple Dingdong and Marian Dantes. The reason? She slapped Dingdong real hard.

The slap/s can be seen in Star Cinema’s The Unmarried Wife wherein Angelica (as the wife) caught her husband Geoff (Dingdong’s character) cheating on her (several times). Their confrontation scene was not only emotional but intensely physical too.

According to Angelica, she poured all her emotions into the scene that she hurt Dingdong with her intense portrayal. She immediately apologized to Dingdong and Marian after the scene.

Dingdong did not know that Angelica informed and apologized to Marian. The slap was not an issue to him because he understands that it is part of acting. He even joked that he is used to slaps (he was slapped 23 times by Maricel Soriano in a teleserye). He also said he is happy to be working with Angelica, who is such a professional actress.

Marian and Angelica are also good friends. Angelica said they are both crazy/wacky. The two actresses would sometimes post comments on each other’s instagram accounts.

The Unmarried Wife will be shown on November 16.

Source: PEP!