Dingdong shares Daddy-Baby Time with Baby Zia!

The Primetime King is currently busy almost everyday because of his TV series Alyas Robinhood and a movie for Star Cinema entitled Unmarried Wife.

His eyes smiling, “I had a lot of rest during first half of the year, and now my schedule is full. It’s okay. Though there are sacrifices, like my time at home became less. It’s a good thing Christmas will be soon, I’m looking forward to it, to have more time with the family, the baby. But as I’ve said, I made up for it in the early part of the year. I was able to devote time to my wife and daughter. Now it’s time to work for my family.”

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Dingdong makes it a point to spend quality time with Baby Zia before he goes to work..

“I make sure that we play before I leave. No matter how tired I am, even if I lack sleep, I find time for us to be together. I am grateful in a way that now there is Facetime , before there was none like that as a means of communication. And Zia responds when she sees me. She recognizes me,” the proud father stated.

Does Baby Zia get to watch Alyas Robin Hood?

He answered, “No, she’s already asleep because she has an early bedtime.”

Source: PEP