Read: daddy dingdong shares plans for Baby Zia’s 1st birthday celebration!

Daddy Dingdong Dantes wants Baby Zia to enjoy her first birthday party.

Baby Zia will be celebrating her first birthday on November 23, but she’s not having a grand party.

Dingdong Dantes and wife Marian Rivera decided to have a gathering with their families for their daughter’s first birthday party.

The Kapuso Primetime King said, “We’re not going to have a grand party. Usually there’a a big celebrarton for the first birthday, but we just want the family to be in the party… the immediate family… a simple celebration, enjoying food and family time together.”

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The couple opted not to invite friends.

Dingdong explained, “We cannot invite our friends because that’s going to be a big party. For us, we want to keep it simple. The celebration is for ZIa.. we want her to be the happiest on that day. She is not even aware that the party is for her although she will see the pictures when she grows up.”

Besides, the two have big families.

Dingdong smilingly said, “We have a big family. More than a hundred already .. Gonzalez, Dantes, even the Riveras.”

So when will Zia experience a grand party?

Dingdong answered, “When she is old enough to understand. Maybe when she is playing a bit more, when she has her own friends.”

Source: PEP