Photos: Behind the scenes of DongYan’s TVC for McDo!

DongYan for Chicken McMcMcDo

The latest Chicken McDo commercial featuring real life couple Dingdong Dantes and Marian Rivera-Dantes elicited positive feedback on social media. “Cute, funny, real, love it, hungry, want it, beautiful, natural, DongYan” were the terms and reactions posted online. The ad has so far garnered more than 500k views in 8 hours on Marian’s facebook fan page.

Congratulations to the people behind the McDonalds tvc for coming up with an ad that is entertaining with a strong brand recall. Congratulations also to DongYan for effectively conveying the McDo message to consumers. (Yup, admit it ..there are ads that you only know the endorser but can’t even remember the product, but not with DongYan’s tvc …loud and clear, it is Chicken McMcMcDo).

And while the viewers were amused by the ad, the endorsers themselves enjoyed doing it as seen in the BTS photos.

Enjoy Chicken McMcMcDo just like Dingdong and Marian. Go to the McDo branch near your place or order for delivery! Call 86-2-36 or visit or download the McDo PH app.

Check out the photos below!