Video: Daddy Dingdong says Baby Zia crawls and laughs a lot.

Dingdong wants a big family!

Are there plans to have another child and give Baby Zia a sibling? “When the time comes for us to be blessed with another child .. it’s not in our hands, but we would really love to have another one. To make it happen, for it to become a reality, it’s not in our hands. But to have many children is really our goal. We have agreed on that before we got maried,” Dingdong replied.

How many children is their goal now? Dingdong answered, “Whatever the number of children we are blessed with!

Ryzza Mae Dizon interviews Dingdong Dantes. Daddy Dingdong says Baby Zia crawls and laughs a lot. She now eats vegetables, chicken and rice. (video from Eat Bulaga). *with english translation for the non-Filipino fans of DongYanZia.

Watch the video below..

Dingdong clarified that he and Marian are not following any setup regarding their work. The actor is now busy tapoing for his new GMA teleserye Alyas Robin Hood. He is also finishing the movie Unmarried Wife for Star Cinema.

Marian seemed to reduced her work load and more focused on taking care of their daughter. Dingdong said, “We did not talk anything specific about that. Who are we to dictate on the events that will happen.

We are just artists, but we are thankful to GMA, who somehow takes care of it. It’s like they know what’s best for their talents, that there is no need for us to say it anymore.

Maybe, as parents, while still young, she has to do it (lessen workload) first, it was unintentional. Like the first part of the year, Marian was busy with Sunday PinaSaya and her morning show and some stuff. Me, not much work schedule, a coincidence, I’m thankful that at least I was home. But now that her shows have ended, I’m doing Alyas Robin Hood and a movie, we take turns.”