MUST READ: Alias Robin Hood is very much different from Arrow!

GMA Headwriter Suzette Doctolero says: Ibang iba po ang kwento ng Alias Robin Hood sa Arrow. Malayo. (The story of Alias Robin Hood is very much different from Arrow. Far from it.)

**By now, you have probably heard and read the accusations of netizens/bashers that GMA7’s Alias Robin Hood copied the show Arrow. Here is the statement GMA Headwriter Suzette Doctolero.

I will say this again to clear things up: the article posted on Lionheart tv with a poster of Alias Robin Hood is misleading because it is a rip off from Arrow. Lionheart tv used a material that is NOT from GMA. It seems that this blog page did not do some research and assumed that the poster is from GMA.

The said poster is possibly fan made. Or someone made it to intentionally malign Alias Robin Hood by making it appear as a rip off of Arrow. So it is useless to debate about it being a rip off because the poster is not a material from Alias Robin Hood.

We have not yet released a poster for the show except for the teaser which can be viewed on GMA (our network).

The story of Alias Robin Hood is very much different from Arrow. Far from it.

Alias Robin Hood is a homage/inspired from Robin Hood, and it will be a Filipino modern retelling of the British Folktale which tackles social injustice, which is still a timely theme/issue. It is not like Arrow (which I think is from Green Archer/Robin Hood and Batman hehe) or Green Archer which are also both inspired by the great work of Robin Hood but presented with a twist.

Thank you!

Scroll below to see the screen capture from Suzette Doctolero’s Facebook Account!


We hope this will clarify the issue.