Video: Marian’s birthday wish and Dingdong’s message and response to the birthday girl!

Marian’s birthday wish and Dingdong’s message and response to the birthday girl ? (Since Dingdong cannot personally appear on the SPS show, as he is still in Cebu, he greeted his wife via phone patch).

Here’s the English Translation for International fans!

Marian: My wish is for a stronger relationship with my husband especially now that we have a child… because I want Zia to see us as her role models ..that true love will always be there … and when the foundation is strong (or complete), that means everything is possible..I want Zia to have that…and of course..ahh, I’ll get in trouble again with the management ..more babies to come …that’s true.

Aiai: Here he is..

DD: Hello … hi baby.

MGD to the audience: Quiet! …

MGD: hello …

DD: Hi, ahhh..greetings from Cebu. Sorry, I can’t be there in your celebration but I heard your game (kantaririt game), so much fun, the songs were easy … you know all those songs.

MGD: Hmmm ..huh… Well congratulations, you were able to do your bike race.. and you’re safe …

DD: Yes.

MGD: What else do you want to say?

DD: Ahh, I can’t wait to get home so I can see both of you..and I have a present for early birthday gift _____ (not sure if he said ‘painted shirt’, hard to understand with the poor audio) you can use for sleeping, that’s for you.

MGD: echosero (you’re teasing me/joking)….just come home.

DD: Can I say my greeting? I’d just like to greet you..a super mom, I’m so proud of your achievements.. all the changes, the maturity you’ve shown as a mother… Zia and I are so proud of you ..Maybe, if she can already talk, that’s what she will also say .. So, we love you and I will see you soon. And I will also pray that your wish will come true ..and I will work on that.

MGD (and crowd) : hahahaha.

Aiai: You’re about to cry.

Glaiza: Will work at it …

MGD: My love, what a term … ‘tatrabahuhin’ (will work at it).

Jose: haha. He means he will work hard,

DD: I mean.. I will work (not sure if he said “opisina-office” or Zia) for our future.

MGD: Good job.

DD: Am I not right?

MGD: Well, thank you, My love..see you later and I love you.

DD: Love you, happy birthday.

MGD: Love you.

DD: Love you..bye.

(Video below)

SPS: Happy Birthday, Marian Rivera Dantes! by dongyanatics

Video from GMA Sunday Pinasaya!